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Windflower is a Canadian Napoleonic Wars player. He started playing Napoleonic Wars in November of 2013 and soon became renown for leading the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and being a very active member of the community, including being a referee and moderator for NANWL and as well as hosting and co-hosting many tournaments. Windflower is also known as a strong groupfighter. His play style is mostly defensive utilizing his strengths as a "role" player. Windflower has seen some success in tournaments and most notably won the North American Premier League with the 30th. 


Windflower began in the community as a pub with the name Charles Lee, and was recruited off of the server 54th_Groupfighting by a 54th member by the name of Felvix. A few months later he left the 54th to start new in a small regiment, and so he joined the 31e shortly after it was re-booted. From there he got better at the game from learning from and constantly dueling/groupfighting against Emo Celestia, Knight of St John, and others. A little before the 3DM renamed to the 35th, Windflower left the regiment and went on hiatus for a short couple of months. Windflower later joined the 35th when Mockingjay was in command and Andee had left the regiment. After stepping down from the PSG in November of 2015, Windflower settled down in the 92nd, staying with them until their disbandment. When the 92nd disbanded, Windflower took another break from the game for about a month. Windflower returned to the game when PurplePanda reformed the 30th and made him second in command. The 30th went on to win the first season of the North American Premier League and were a top contender throughout their entire existence before eventually becoming an inactive regiment after both leaders stepped away from the regiment. Windflower is still an active community member to this day.

Regimental History

54th Lance Corporal - Highest rank achieved

November 2013 - January 2014 (Left)

PSG Kaplan - Highest rank achieved

January 2014 - November 2015 (Retirement)

31e Sergeant (Sgt) > 1stFL Sous-Lieutenant (SLt) > 3DM Vagt (Guard) > 35th Private (Pte) > PSG Kaplan (Kpln)

92nd Lance Corporal - Highest rank achieve

December 2015 - May 2016 (Disband)

30th/Nr.1 Captain - Highest rank achieved

June 2016 - May 2018 (Inactive) 

Various (LIR, Nr23/40th, etc.)

2019 - Present


🏷️NANWL Moderator

🏷️NANWL Veteran Referee

🏷️NWWC Canada Captain

🥈4th NA GF Tournament (5v5) - Runner Up (Weastside)

🥉7th NA GF Tournament (5v5) - Third Place(Weastside)

🏆NAPL S1 - First Place (30th)

🏆NAPL S3 - First Place (30th)

Played in every single season of NWL