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Tardet, also known in the community by the alias Mat, is an active French Napoleonic Wars player who has been playing since early 2012, during the Mount & Musket era. He has been a part of many infantry and cavalry regiments in his time, notably several of the prominent French-speaking ones: 45e and 7e whilst part of the IVe and also the 75e, 23e and the 5eHuss. He has also been part of a few English-speaking, multi-national regiments in his time: 91st, 3rdFG and the 92nd, where he has played under the 'historical names' of Evan MacFarlan and Ewan MacFarlan.

Tardet has always been a big representative of the French scene in the Napoleonic Competitive community. Being a solid and consistent groupfighter he always been a starter for the French national team and has represented several teams to a high level at many different groupfighting events, ranging from 2vs2s and 5vs5s to 10vs10 competitions. At a regimental level he has risen quickly to positions of responsibility, most notably he was 2nd-In-Command for the majority of the 75e's lifespan.

At the national level, Tardet has been a popular choice for leadership positions due to his diplomatic abilities within the French scene. He has successfully held together different regimental factions within French teams on several occasions, allowing them to achieve deep runs in the National Groupfighting tournaments during the period between 2012-2015. Such abilities have landed him both Vice-Captain and Captain positions during his respective tenures.

Beyond the infantry scene Tardet has shown himself to have an aptitude as a cavalryman. He has represented the French National Cavalry Groupfighting team in the past, helping them win the tournament in 2015 and has had stints in the French-speaking cavalry regiments 7e (part of the IVe) and also the 5eHuss.

Career Achievements

Overall Community Tournament Wins:

5vs5 (Melee Gods) x1

National Cavalry Groupfighting (France) x1

Regimental Linebattle League (92nd) x3

Notable 2nd Places:

10vs10 National (France) x1

Notable 3rd Places:

2vs2 x1

10vs10 National (France) x2

10vs10 regimental (75e) x1