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A fairly new player in the competitive scene, SliF was recruited into the 71st during the Steam winter sale of 2014. Along with around 20 other new recruits, they were a "filler" addition to the roster before the season 3 of NANWL that would lead to the 71st's first league win. Of the ~20 recruits, the only ones known to still be active in the community are Clone and SliF, both of whom have decided to stay with the 71st despite disbanding and reforming. After the disband of the 71st, SliF lost interest in the game during a short month-long career with the 63e. He was later picked up by Ody into the MoskovGren after nearly ditching the community entirely, where he stayed for a short while before rejoining the 71st with the original reformers (Cheeseypants, JackieChan, Supreme, Theodin, Tmix, Achilles, Skinny, Clone, RussianFury, SliF. See also: 71st Reform).

Besides being a loyal member of the 71st, he has become a dedicated part of the media of NW, often posting videos of line battles and other related events in the community.

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