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Maccle is a lesser-known Canadian Napoleonic Wars player, who has been around the Mount and Blade Warband community for considerable length of time. Well known in the Persistent World community, Maccle stopped playing Persistent World in favor of focusing his time on Napoleonic Wars.

He completely outclasses LeBrave in every way possible.


Current Regiment

3ème Voltigeurs ~ Corporal Fourier

Past Regiments (From oldest to newest)

53rd Regiment of Grenadier Guards (January 2011) ~ Ranker

2e French Cavalry Dragoons (Early 2012) ~ Ranker

55e Regiment de Ligne (Mid 2012) ~ Ranker

10th Brandenburgische Infanterie (Late 2012) ~ Ranker

74th Campbell's Highlanders NW (Mid 2013) ~ Ranker

Most of the regiments from the Nr. 55 to the 72nd were lead by FancyPants/Andee/Walko so it was bassically the same people everytime with a different name. (Im not a reg hopper I swear)

Nr. 55 Manstein Infantry Regiment (Late 2013) [Andee] ~ Ranker

1st Royal Marines (Early 2014) [Andee] ~ Third in command

1er Régiment Suisse de Infanterie (Mid 2014) [Andee] ~ Ranker

Saint Petersburg Milita (Mid 2014) [Andee] ~ Ranker

73rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Mid 2014) [Andee] ~ Ranker

3. Danske Marine Regiment (Late 2014) [Andee] ~ Third in command

35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot (Late 2014) [Andee] ~ Fourth in command

Pontifical Swiss Guard (Late 2014) [Mockingjay] ~ Ranker

2nd Royal Scots Guards (Late 2014) [FancyPants ] ~ Ranker

43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot (Early 2015) [Walko] ~ Ranker

3. Danske Marine Regiment (Mid 2015) [Andee] ~ Third in command

7th Kings German Legion (Mid 2015) [FancyPants ] ~ Second in command

72nd (Seaforth) Regiment of Foot (Mid 2015) [[[FancyPants]]] ~ Second in command

Post Andee/Fancy regs

3ème Voltigeurs (Mid/Late 2015) ~ Ranker

HMS Victory (Late 2015) ~ Ranker

Career achievements

Chosen for team Canada (NWWC) - 2015

MVP for team Canada (NWWC) - 2015

Captain of Team Canada (NWWC) - 2016

3rd place finish with 3eVolt (TNWL)

Chosen for team NA in the EU vs NA linebattle x 2

Diamond division in (NADL)

3/4 EU 8v8 Groupfighting Tournament

1st Place: Dan the Chefs Part 3: The Wall. 2v2 tournament with Ritz

http://challonge.com/UGF3 / http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=31387.msg1355599#msg1355599

1st Place NWL With the 3eVolt - 2016

1st Place: 5v5 Golds 5v5 groupfighting league: Team FKMYASS Maccle, Runepykz, Tammo, Professor, Godfried, Shinto, Ritz

http://challonge.com/NAGGFL / http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=33188.0

1x winnar winnar chakn dinnar 2v2 tournament. Maccle, Tammo


1x premier league winners with the 30th http://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=34177.0


1x EU 2v2 random tournament. w/ Alatriste


1x 2v2: 3rd place tournament w/ Godfried


1x 4v4: 2nd place tournament w/ Chev, Fancypants, Pinoy



1x 3v3: 1st place tournament w/ Maccle, Ritz, Pinoy, Maple




Native Acheivments

Played for Clanabis in the UNAC 3

Played for OneEyed in UNAC 6 -3rd place finish

Captian of Rynwulf in WPL 2

-quarter finalist

Captian of Jelkala Ron's in Warband Fantasy League.

Captain team Canada NC2017

East Side Homies

FancyPants, Andee, Turkleton, Sam, Eazy-E, Sharing, ElgostFaust, Tammo, Grimsight, Ritz, Professor, Godfried, Shinto, Tyler, Oodle, Albus, Sitvek ect.