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Groupfighting is on Battle Mode on small arena-like maps with the main rule being No Shooting. Groupfightings in Mount and Musket stems from the 5 groupfighting tournaments from January 17th 2012 to April 11th 2012. As well as the groupfighting server that was opened on March 17th 2012.

The Origins of Groupfighting

Groupfighting originated from the 84e melee trainings. In 2011 the 84e held the first ever Groupfighting tournament. However it wasnt an official tournament. It was more like an invitational or a test trial. It was a spontanious tounrmanet that was thought of and held within the same day. The 84e and the 92nd made a couple teams each and an 84e team won this trial Groupfighting tournament

The First Groupfighting tournament

January 17, 2012

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1st Place Pizza, Pasta, Mandolinos DanyEle LordWilly William Wallace Lorenzo SirBarristan Pizzetta Kaan IG_Crusader
2nd Place Team Argyl Billy Jackie Chan Shaftz Nogu Fixjo Shaith Telford Sting Pheonix Muffin
Semi-Finalist The Pony's Gokiller Hives Atillia Aztir Hadaki Daniel Henkka Bjarn
Semi-Finalist Snoowphie and the Seven Dwarfs Moogs LCatt Greentiny Krimdor Sophie Reignlief MrTiki Crusader

The Second Groupfighting tournament

2nd MM EU GF Bracket

Groupfighting Tournament 2.0 - Attack of the Aldemar February 01, 2012

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84e Team 1 Vs. 13e

84e Team 2 Vs. 92nd

84e Team 1 Vs. Maninsuite

84e Team 1 Vs. 8Lr

FINALS!!! - 8Lr Vs. 4pp

Winners and runners up

1st Place Backstreet Boys Svensson Modig Vampire Ghostmonkey Robbi Pinkknight Sid


2nd Place BOBODOBISTs BOBODOBO Dabrowski SaddamAZR AdiPL Hakeruss SpiderPig MacTomas
Semi-Finalist The Orient Team Revenge Rebellious Pendragon Mertali_Gozcu Taveller Gabriel_Drake
Semi-Finalist The Führer's Elite Ward Smyky Harrier Vikestad Poko Aldermar Reaper EagleScreams

The Third Groupfighting tournament

Febuary 15th, 2012

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1st Graham and his Minions Melton Evan Graham mem95 Achilles Thorin NeedSomeMore DrPhil
2nd Backstreet Boys Svensson Vampire Ghostmonkey Robbi Sid Vorlen Akame
3rd GayFishes RebelliouS Ward Sanitarium Kleist Pendragon ClaSh
4th BOBODOBISTs BOBODOBO Dabrowski SaddamAZR AdiPL Hakeruss Spiderpig Mactomas

The Fourth Groupfighting Tournament

March 14th, 2012

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28th Vs. Power Rangers

4pp Vs. 5pp

Backstreet Bros VS Magnificent 7

Graham & Champions VS Pizza, Pasta and Mandolions

Team 51 VS SwampMonkies

BOBODOBIST'S VS Graham & Champions

Quarter final Power Rangers Vs Backstreet Boys

Semi-Final Power Rangers Vs 92nd

Bronze Match - Graham & Champions VS PowerRangers

1st BOBODOBOISTs BOBODOBO Dabrowski SaddamAZR AdiPL Hakeruss Spiderpig Mactomas
2nd Swamp Monkeys Harry_Forbes Stephane Xamarius George_Mackintosh Pizza Gokiller
3rd PowerRangers Vampire The Wolf Robby Glopaxi Deuchi Akrieger Flammeus
4th Graham and his Champions Evanovic Melton Graham Achilles Mem95 DrPhil NeedSomeMore

The Fifth Groupfighting Tournament

April 11, 2012

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Groupfighting Server

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On the day of the fourth a server called MM_Groupfighting_Server came up. It was a new gamemode that stemmed from Hekko's Groupfighting Tournaments. It's basically Battle Mode on small arena-like maps with the main rule being No Shooting. It's was quite popular amongst the melee-oriented regiments and players, getting a good turn out for most of the way (averaging around 15-20 people during normal hours). This server was run by the 8LR and Vampire, who were German MM players who had very low ping as most MM servers were in Germany.

This server ran from March 17th 2012 all the way until NW came out on April 19th, 2012