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Gokiller is a long-term community member since late 2010. Joining the community when he was 13 years old and enlisted with his first ever clan/regiment; The 33rd.

Being one of the many 'veterans' of the Napoleonic Wars community. He is also an official NW server admin since MM although now inactive as the official european servers died out.


Gokiller is commonly known for his years of scening. Starting from Mount&Musket where he made various historical scenes and hosting events on these. Examples are the siege of Jaffa, the Battle of Friedland. Next to that he made a lot of custom for MM and NW. Such as line battle scenes.

Over the years his scenes can be found back in various modifications/DLC. Like: Napoleonic Wars, Secession, North&South, Bello Civili, BearForce, L'Aigle and A World of Ice and Fire (GOT).

Non-NW activities

After the disbanding of the K-KA, Gokiller retired for several months from Napoleonic wars. Instead spending his time on the development of his Roman themed Warband Singleplayer mod. Bellum Imperii a mod that he has been developing ever since.

Gokiller rejoined the 77y where he's currently semi-active while development and RL activities take the majority of his time.

History - Regiments

Regiment Rank Years Commanding
33rd LCpl 2010 - 2011 Niklas
77y Ens






1er Grd 2011 Herlev
APG Col 2011 /
92nd Cpl 2012 - 2013


K-KA ObLt 2014 - 2015 PrideofNi

Notorious achievements

- 1st NWEC (Pilot) Winner: Team Netherlands - Co Captain.

- 2nd NWEC Winner: Team Netherlands - Co Captain

- 1x Hekko's EU Group Fighting Tournament with the PowerRangers.

- Partial NW scenery contest winner.