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Evan is a retired British Napoleonic Wars player. He predominantly played his Mount & Musket and Napoleonic Wars career in the EU scene. He occasionally forayed into the NA scene, playing at a few NA Duel and Groupfighting tournaments, but his main successes have been within the EU scene, where he is historically considered one of the most skilled and successful players in the entire Napoleonic Wars competitive scene. He has won multiple tournaments throughout his time across a spectrum of competition types, ranging from Duel and Team-based Groupfighting Tournaments to Regimental Groupfighting and Regimental Linebattle Tournaments. Evan has also been heavily involved in several National competitions where he has represented and in some instance captained Team Great Britain, helping them win several national tournaments in the period between 2012-2016.

Evan is known around the community primarily under 3 aliases: "Evan", "Evanovic" and "Evan Fraser". In the 3rdFoot, 13e, 15e and Nr.24 Evan would go under the "Evanovic" alias, whereas during his two stints in the 91st he went under the "historical name" of "Evan Fraser". In his twilight years he played under the alias "Evan" in the 15thYR and in casual play. Evan has been retired since 2016 but is still in contact with some members of the community.

Career Achievements

Overall Community Tournament Wins: 24


Duel x3

2vs2 x1

3vs3 x1

5vs5 x11 (Minions, Argyll, PowerRangers)

10vs10 National x3 (Great Britain)

10vs10 Regimental x2 (Nr.24)

Regimental Linebattle League x3 (91st, Nr.24)

Notable 2nd Place: 2 (Work-in-Progress)


Duel x2

Overall Tournament 3rd Place: 5 (Work-in-Progress)


Overall Tournament 4th Place: 1 (Work-in-Progress)


Duel x1