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FandeePants reg was a core group of players from 2012 onwards. started from the remnents of a small regiment called the 55th. The original members Andee; FancyPants ; SamTheZamER; and Maccle formed the first regiment named the Nr55. From then on Disbandee and the crew went through many name changes and leadership swaps. until 2015 when after the first TNWL ended


3. Danske Marines Promotional Video

Cheeky Tyrone meme that Fancy paid too much money for

FancyPants disbanded after suffering his first official league match loss as the 72nd/7thKGL to the 8th

Names Of Regiments In Order

Nr55 [Andee]

1st Royal Marines | 1stRM [Andee]

1er Suisse | 1erSuisse [Andee]

Saint Petersburg Milita | SPM [Andee]

73rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot | 73rd [Andee]

3. Danske Marine Regiment | 3DM [Andee]

35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot | 35th [Andee]

2nd Royal Scots Guards | 2ndRSG [FancyPants]

A small group picture of the 7thKGL

16e Regiment d'infanterie | 16e [Andee]

43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot | 43rd [Walko]

3. Danske Marine Regiment | 3DM [Andee]

Kings German Legion [[[FancyPants]] ]

-5thKGL [Andee]

7thKGL [[[FancyPants]] ]

72nd (Seaforth) Regiment of Foot [[[FancyPants]] ]

3. Danske Marine Regiment (Reformed) | 3DM [[[FancyPants]]]

Notable Players (if your not on here tell me :)

  • Andee  (Heinrich Muller)
  • 16e_Régiment_d'Infanterie_de_Ligne_Promotional_Video

    16e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne Promotional Video

    Fancy uses his monotone voice to recruit

    Maccle (Maccle Bopp)
  • SamTheZamER
  • ElgostFaust
  • Sharing
  • Rafael
  • Lawerence
  • John Sanders
  • Trixy
  • Eazy-E
  • Pineapple (ArtAttack)
  • Windflower
  • KnightOfStJohn
  • Melsyo
  • Marks
  • Gaz 
  • NickyJ
  • Walko
  • PurplePanda
  • LiamMann
  • Bravescot
  • Lemon
  • Label